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Imagine what the shaggy puppies must be looking like! The ears can either be upright or dropped, and the tail will be long. Life Expectancy The Chabrador has a life expectancy of 9 to 12 years which is slightly shorter than the average for medium sized breeds. The Labrador-Chow Chow mix is known by many cute and funny nicknames. And that is besides the daily walks. To be clear, Chow Chows are not known for their eager-to-please personality but for their strong will and stubborn streak. Chabradors are generally great companion animals when properly socialized.


So it is not very easy to pin point the exact temperament of this breed. Eyes are typically brown in color, although there are some individual dogs with blue eyes! This dog loves activity, a lot. Coat colors range between black, brown, and yellow. Not that the Chow isn't loving, it is simply a better guard dog. To be on the safe side, socializing and obedience training must be taken care of when your dog is still a child. You will have to play with your dog every day; and not just physical activity, it needs mental stimulation too. The Chabrador is considered a loyal and loving family member. DogAppy provides some information about the amazing Chow-Lab! His ultra-thick, waterproof coat will require regular and frequent brushing to help prevent matting and keep the volume of fur in check. So there is no two ways about the fact that the offspring of this combination will be quite an interesting one. Chabradors are generally great companion animals when properly socialized. It does not require to be bathed every week. If you think your Lab-Chow will sleep around the house all day and be content with two daily walks, then you are in for a real surprise! Imagine what the shaggy puppies must be looking like! Find out which activities are available for dogs and get them for your pet. Labrador retriever or Chow Chow. Normally, dogs with similar traits are crossed with each other, but this concept tends to sway from time to time to include some unusual hybrids as well. This is because pups are moldable and have not conformed to a particular personality; once a dog gets older, it becomes very difficult to break its old habits. And that is besides the daily walks. As mentioned before, both its parent breeds are quite different from each other. Want to know what its care entails? Although it may live in an apartment if exercised regularly, a Lab-Chow should preferably have a fenced yard and sufficient space to run around in. Grooming This dog requires regular brushing to prevent the thick fur from matting. That's almost like a secret agent with many identities! It may be very independent and aloof. While he is typically considered a loyal and loving family member, those dogs that lean more towards the Chow Chow personality can be very wary of strangers and intolerant of other animals.


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AMAZING Chabrador (Chow Lab) Dog Facts And Breed Info

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The height will be between 18 and 24 inches, depending upon which parent your pup will take after. Taking after the Lab, some Chabradors love to swim, so check if your pet is also a water baby.

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