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When I first created it, all my Marine buddies were like, "You are such a cock block. You are absolutely right. As for cheaters, if all that running around lands you in divorce court, you'd better watch what you post on Facebook. X communicating with her lover for the whole world to see. It's a little moronic.

Cheaterville com

He told me has been called a home-wrecker time and time again. I believe if you don't believe in marriage, don't get married. I will say that he is an entrepreneur and he's very smart. I think there are good people in this world; maybe I am naive. He packs up, moves, and blames you the entire time. It actually reads more like a Wikipedia entry. What does your wife think of the site? But wait -- he is married with kids. We have been in this business since Valentine's Day of this year and still have not had one lawsuit. Although, I can imagine one day there is going to be an angry husband that takes a shot at me. But she does recognize the social network can make things more complicated, something you should talk about with your significant other. It's the cheaters who hate it. So we thought it was an appropriate day to launch. I am a Marine -- I have fought for people to have freedom of speech. Our completely unscientific sample resulted in four out of six accurate searches; seems like good odds, but then consider that each have confessed to their indiscretions publicly. If you want to cheat, get a divorce. He will be calling and texting you to take it down, but you know you aren't returning his calls. So staying faithful is not Jesse James's forte? I believe he is justifying cheating. Why do people cheat? It's nice not having people yell at you every five minutes to do pushups and getting shot at. I never did it again. When a woman outs another woman, it's like a CSI crime scene. We get personal stories that they were dating someone, put up a post on Cheaterville. Really, people who don't cheat love Cheaterville. Never do they mention the person that was cheated on.

Cheaterville com

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Although, I can imagine one day there is going to be an angry husband that takes a shot at me.

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