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A hint is given to this relationship when one of the crabs slips under Tia Dalma's gown and she is subsequently shown holding one, stroking it tenderly. The last ray of sun flashes green, which heralds Will's return from the underworld to be reunited with his family for one day after ten years. This seems to rapidly accelerate Bootstrap's transformation into a slave to Davy Jones. The budget for this film was million USD. Yes, and it is highly recommended that you stay through the credits to see it. This makes it the highest budget film ever made to date. Once stripped of this power, he was not able to make a decision. Together, the Dutchman and the Pearl, pummel the Endeavor with their guns, blowing it up and killing Beckett.

Calypso from pirates of the caribbean

In the final scene, Jack unfurls the map cutout while sailing his dinghy, drinking rum, and singing, "It's the pirates' life for me. It is also hinted that Jack's pleasure-seeking personality comes largely from his mother. Is the budget for this film really as big as everyone says? Unlike the amusing but unnecessary bonus scenes at the end of the last two films, this one is relevant to the plot. Why doesn't Lord Cutler Beckett give the order to fire his cannons? He calls Jack "Jackie," while Jack avoids Teague's eyes as much as possible. Armada of the Damned. She was as changeable and whimsical as the sea itself, and exemplified the deepest charity and brilliance of woman's mercurial nature. Why does Calypso explode into crabs? However, by helping Will steal the key and escape the ship, Davy Jones locks him in the brig. Jack and Teague share the same basic features, including the high, and highly-defined, cheek bones. Bootstrap explains to Will in Dead Man's Chest that during your years of service, you slowly start to lose your identity bit-by-bit until you wind up actually becoming part of the ship. This was the most noble of her mandates, as even the most scurillous of sea dogs could be granted the opportunity to seek and find forgiveness for their crimes, allowing them to find safe harbor in Fiddler's Green. Jones then started taking those near death on as crew for the Dutchman, having them swear to serve for years. It's a grand exit showing off her power, just like the crabs brought Jack and the Pearl to Tia Dalma on the shore in the Locker. Following their victory, Will and Elizabeth have their one day on land together. Bootstrap was still himself by the end of Dead Man's Chest. Teague says to Jack, "The key is not living forever but living with yourself forever. It can also be assumed that he was paralyzed with fear and disbelief over what was happening, including the fact that the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman joined forces to destroy the HMS Endeavour. Beckett is not a fearless leader. However, Calypso's later interactions with Jones imply that she still loved him and was saddened by what her lover had become. How does the movie end? It shows Elizabeth and son William watching the sun set. This makes it the highest budget film ever made to date. So essentially, the longer you're aboard the ship, the more fish-like your appearance becomes and the more corrupted and under Davy Jones' control. Before Will is forced to return to the Dutchman at sunset, he asks Elizabeth to keep the Dead Man's Chest with his heart inside. According to Disney, the scene serves as a finality of Will and Elizabeth's story.

Calypso from pirates of the caribbean

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