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List of Californication episodes The series revolves around Hank Moody, a novelist plagued by alcoholism. Im Anschluss daran treffen sich Hank und Karen und kommen wieder zusammen. Die Serie endet damit, dass Hank versucht, alle Angelegenheiten zu regeln. Mia Cross ist Bills Tochter. But that evening, as he and Becca leave the reception, Karen runs out and jumps into his car, presumably to resume their life together. Season 5 Season 4 Hank's literary sex scandal has caused a sensation, even as he prepares to defend himself in court and tries to get Karen and Becca to speak to him, and a movie based on his stolen book begins production.


Hank moves in with Ashby, who starts a romance with Mia. Dort trifft er die Prostituierte Trixie aus der ersten Staffel Folge 8 wieder. Dort kommt Romantik zwischen den beiden auf, die durch die Ankunft von Julia und anderen abrupt endet. Dort spielt Hank eine Szene des Drehbuchs mit zwei Hostessen vor. The death of Hank's father drives Hank on an alcohol-fueled binge and a sexual encounter with Karen. A mistake and a fight with an obnoxious police officer lands Hank in jail, where he meets world-famous record producer Lew Ashby, who commissions Hank to write his biography. Hank wallows in self-loathing following the release of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, a drastically altered and watered-down—yet commercially popular—movie adaptation of his most recent novel, God Hates Us All. Nachdem Charlie sich versehentlich bei einer Intimrasur selbst verletzt, begibt er sich mit Marcy in ein Krankenhaus. One day he picks up a younger woman in a bookstore; after they have sex, he discovers that she is Bill's year-old daughter Mia. Karen und Becca verwehren ihm wegen seiner Taten den Zutritt zur Wohnung, sodass er nun quasi obdachlos ist. At this point, Hank's family and best friends intervene, sending him to rehab. Hank proposes to Karen on the night that they discover that Hank could be the father of Sonja's child. Season 7 Season 6 Hank collaborates on a musical with a rock star while taking up with his beautiful muse; Charlie and Stu compete for Marcy; Marcy falls under the spell of a radical feminist; Becca drops out of college to become a writer. Zudem wird er als Agent von seiner Firma entlassen. Hank constantly deals with the consequences of his inability to say "no" to temptation while trying to show his family that he can be a responsible, caring father to Becca and a reliable partner to Karen. Other developing storylines include Charlie learning his vasectomy may have been botched, Marcy moving in with a movie producer and learning she is pregnant by Charlie, Becca joining an all-female rock band, and Karen finding a new boyfriend. Hank verpasst die Gelegenheit Karen einen Heiratsantrag zu machen und tritt stattdessen die Tour an. In der dritten Staffel wird die Ehe mit Charlie geschieden, und beide leben fortan in einer offenen Beziehung. When Karen says no, Hank decides that they can no longer be together. She uses the threat of illegal sex charges to extort stories from him that she passes off as her own for her high-school creative-writing class. Hank has since made New York his home, but he returns to Los Angeles for a short, business-related visit. Ebenso lockt er unter einem Vorwand Rick und Julia zu einem gemeinsamen Date. Season 6[ edit ] Season 6 started on January 13, Schon nach kurzer Zeit realisiert er, dass er Faith verlassen und die Tour abbrechen muss um zu Karen nach L. After being dumped by him, Carrie, emotionally devastated, drugs Hank as well as herself, but Hank is the only one who awakes, making him lose control over his alcoholism for feeling deeply guilty.


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Bei Hanks Gerichtsverhandlung kommt heraus, dass er Mia schon vor dem Abend, an dem sie gemeinsam Sex hatten, bereits einmal gesehen hat. Season 2 [ edit ] Californication's Second season premiered September 28, and ended December 14,

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