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And it gets to you emotionally, like a drummer. The bass player sure was in tune—I knew that right from the start. He was in tune with himself. But I think he really sincerely like Guy. Now, he is really an old-fashioned alto player. Make it five moving stars. I hear the kind of crying feeling, the soul that you got from Fats.

Blindfold blow

Make it five moving stars. Now aside from the fact that I doubt he can even play a C scale in whole notes—tied whole notes, a couple of bars apiece—in tune, the fact remains that his notes and lines are so fresh. Would he still play like Roy Eldridge? People used to think Louis Armstrong was putting everybody on when he said he liked Guy Lombardo. As far as rating this—maybe you should use a different kind of stars for rating this from the stars you use ranting jazz records. When Bird first came up, they used to stand up by the jukebox and make up words to the songs. There must have been a lot of splicing, or else they had an engineer who liked to twist the buttons, because the sound kept changing, it was as if a different soloist was coming up to the microphone. And it gets to you emotionally, like a drummer. The baritone player sure has a lot of warmth; could it have been Gerry Mulligan? In the interim he has grown tremendously in musical stature. So when Symphony Sid played his record, it made everything else he was playing, even my own record that he played, sound terrible. You can take it off—I know what this is. Recorded by Rudy van Gelder in Today, while by no means rich or world famous, Mingus is a man highly respected by an increasing coterie. Following is the second segment of a two-part test, the previous one having appeared in the last issue. Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, in I know he does this—we discussed it together seven or eight years ago, before he became successful. And I think that this is what everybody need a whole lot of—not only in their playing, but in their way of living. Maybe he has too much work to do and has to turn it out very fast. And what guys can play. But I think somebody was trying to figure out a way to make some money with some records, and they put one of things together. Though there remains in him a latent streak of defiant anger, much of which is reflected in his music, he takes no active delight in putting anyone or anything down. Because it would be unfair to Mingus and the reader to whittle down his comments, they have been split into two installments. I hear the kind of crying feeling, the soul that you got from Fats. Sonny Stitt with Oscar Peterson Trio. His music has settled into a groove that is at once funk-rooted, far-reaching and emotionally stimulating. Maybe he was very anxious that day.

Blindfold blow

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Make it five moving stars.

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