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Thanks for the tip about using pantyhose, Heard of people doing it but I've never tried it, as I have always used live bluegills to fish for flatheads up until this past summer. Free radicals can cause "oxidative stress," a process that can trigger cell damage, therefore limiting these free radicals by an optimized energy level will benefit your fish long term. I take a chunk of chicken liver and hook it 2 times, once thru the top section, then once thru the bottom section. Molecular substances which include the sugars, starches, gums and celluloses. An important point about aquatic nutrition to think about is what is best for the fish is NOT necessarily what the fish eat most readily.

Beef liver for catfish

Omega-3 fatty acids are THE essential fatty acid and one of the benefits is that they help reduce inflammation, while most omega-6 fatty acids tend to promote inflammation. It was cheap enough, but I'd say worms are a better investment for catfishing, tho I've got some left and I'm gonna try them in the lake and see what happens. In a study many years back where I attended a seminar, it was shown in animals that over abundance of proteins in prepared animal foods to encourage growth or simply under the assumption "the more the better" was THE cause of premature renal failure and death. We also know from studies in human nutrition that certain diets add to inflammation and oxidative stress. As well, too high a protein diet can cause issues, which is why a diet rich in slow to digest plant based material such as algae is essential Spirulina is best , but low in certain proteins that require short intestinal tracts. Fats are broken down in the body to release glycerol and free fatty acids. As an example, using a good food, but still too high in energy levels as proven in University level studies, is Hikari Goldfish Gold which gets most of its energy from starches which is not the best way as shown , but more importantly their energy levels are higher than what are considered best. Another point as to grain or plant sources Spirulina does NOT fall into this category , is that proteins in cereal grains and other plant concentrates do not contain complete amino acid profiles and usually are deficient in the essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Both DHA and EPA fatty acids are produced and passed along the food chain by small-size algae and zooplankton, which are consumed by fish. The content is based on part on my extensive observations as well as tests in fish nutrition dating all the way back to utilizing my s of client aquariums I had under contract, including the Bahooka Restaurant with over custom aquariums where I had complete control of feeding and therefore was easily able to take notes in in trials of different methods and long term results since I maintained these aquariums for years. This said, I have used Hikari Goldfish Gold in extensive fish food studies in particular using the aquariums at the Bahooka Restaurant , with better results than many fish foods, but part of this reason is I used it on conjunction with other fish foods such as FD or Frozen Brine Shrimp and Spirulina Very few plants produce Omega-3 fats, and plant-based Omega-3 fats such as Flax, walnuts and camelina are slightly different than fish omega-3s. The more efficient metabolism of amino acids over carbohydrates glucose by fish for energy could be due to the ability of fish to excrete nitrogenous waste as ammonia from their gills without the high cost of energy in converting the waste to urea. Examples include Omega 6 versus Omega 3. More information about this below carbohydrates section, including an important discussion as per energy levels ina fish food and their effect on potential fatty liver disease. Near the end of this article I do discuss some live, frozen and freeze dried foods. I take a chunk of chicken liver and hook it 2 times, once thru the top section, then once thru the bottom section. The lipids fats in fish can be separated into liquid fish oils and solid fats. You can cast this pretty far, I have chunked it over 80 feet and it not come off. For example; Fish get most of their energy needs from fat, however in humans carbohydrates are generally considered the better source. It is therefore a good idea to mix foodstuffs that have different weaknesses in their essential amino acid distributions. However in fish it is the Omega 3 that is most needed and many warm water freshwater do not readily produce this fatty acid like most coldwater marine fish can. I use to fish the Arkansas while I live up north, and I killed the blues on crawdads there. However the conversion is not very efficient often resulting in a shortened lifespan. A University of Florida study has shown ceroidosis of the organs and Malawi Bloat are directly related to energy levels of food being too high. Amino acids are used as the basic components of proteins.

Beef liver for catfish

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Monster Catfish on cow liver

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Back to fish; the wrong amino acids in any fish will lead to aquarium pollution extra ammonia from lack of digestibility and potential renal failure kidney failure in the fish. Anytime one feeds fish foods with excess energy levels, this too creates oxidative stress.

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