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It has passions, but no reason; it has emotions, but no intellect; it has desires, but no rationalised will; it awaits the coming of its monarch, the mind, the touch which shall transform it into man. This correlated and unconscious succession is necessary for the normal action of consciousness as we know it. Thus "curses [and blessings] come home to roost. Man, the Thinker, is clothed in a body composed of innumerable combinations of the subtle matter of the mental plane, this body being more or less refined in its constituents and organised more or less fully for its functions, according to the stage of intellectual development at which the man himself has arrived. The desire—body, or astral body, as it is often called, has the form of a mere cloudy mass during the earlier stages of evolution, and is incapable of serving as an independent vehicle of consciousness. Clear brown almost burnt sienna shows avarice; hard dull brown-grey is a sign of selfishness—a colour which is indeed painfully common; deep heavy grey signifies depression, while a livid pale grey is associated with fear; grey-green is a signal of deceit, while brownish-green usually flecked with points and flashes of scarlet betokens jealousy. Just as biology divides physical life into six kingdoms, so can we divide conscious life into at least seven densities. The etheric plane encodes not only physical objects but additional energies and structures that are nonphysical and invisible to our eyes. Their [Page 35] origin is in the manasic essence, in the ray; but on the material plane, acting on the molecules of the brain, they are translated into vibrations.

Astral projection christianity

This leads to and interesting point. It would be these latter aspects that are assisted. But the Occult doctrine is far more explicit. Another great iniquity about astrology - particularly when practised fully - is that to a very considerable extent it implicitly denies a person's free will, making the person appear to be just a puppet of the Universe and 'Higher Powers'. Whatever words may be used, the fact remains the same — that he is essentially sevenfold, an evolving being, part of whose nature has already been manifested, part remaining latent at present, so far as the vast majority of humankind is concerned. This is a difficult but necessary lesson to all who are progressing in an STO direction but are still in contact with STS environments and beings. So there is a difference between having your consciousness altered into something unnatural to your level of evolution, versus having handicaps lifted and returning to your true self in that higher density. He could also manipulate the flow of time and have prescience of future events. One group of friends chooses one channel, another chooses another. It's true that 'serious' or 'proper' astrologers can come up with very detailed 'information' about a person, and in I had one do a detailed 'chart' and report for me he offered to do it, free of charge, because he thought I was an interesting case; I'd not have asked for one! If an STO alien group wishes to operate here, they would either have to do it covertly or with permission, and the latter comes with strings attached. The Secret Doctrine says: Changes to the etheric create corresponding changes in the physical. With these, they begin exploring their own individuality and its relation to others, and consequently they begin choosing whether to hone their individuality by helping others or by exploiting them. What you experience you experience, and what you don't experience you don't experience - which is just another way of saying the truism, " What is, is ". This division into body, soul and spirit is used by St. Conflict only arises when jurisdictions are perceived to be violated, or when circumstances only allow mutually exclusive courses of action to be taken that can only benefit one side, or when one encroaches upon the goals of the other. Otherwise, each generally acts independently. The higher Manas can but rarely manifest itself at the present stage of human evolution. We, on the other hand, must make up for our 3rd Density limitations with strength, discernment, and wisdom. It is a bead broken off the thread of life, and the immortal Ego that incarnated in that personality has lost the experience of that incarnation, has reaped no harvest from that life-sowing. Two separate realms might be intangible to each other, just as one radio station is not heard on another. Periodicity is here, as everywhere else in nature, ebb and flow, throb and rest, the rhythm of the Universal Life. People who are loving, compassionate, and kind but who lack strength, discernment, and wisdom will encounter human and non-human predators who initiate some very painful learning lessons. Our conscious level of awareness the 'mind' was not intended to be materially engaging with it at all - the intended engagement occurring at deeper, subconscious levels of our awareness. Vesta required virgins, and the Vanir accepted to devour one male and one female in order to provide better crops for harvest, prosperity, and protection to those who feed and worship them. So also, as H.

Astral projection christianity

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Astral Projection. My last warning.

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Given the above, we can summarily state that 1D, 2D, and 3D are locked into the physical plane when awake and incarnate, that 4D beings additionally have access to the etheric plane, and that 5D beings exist natively in the astral plane. When a particular 4D incarnation has reached its length and grows tired, the being dies, goes to 5th density for recuperation and contemplation of its life, and then is born again into 4th density to begin a new life.

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