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Both Aries and Sagittarius natives are active, fun-loving signs that enjoy a healthy social life and welcome the adventure offered by new challenges. They are especially compatible in the bedroom, as both enjoy having an active, innovative sex life. Inventive Aquarius and adventurous Sagittarius share many of the same attributes, which will make their relationship strong and harmonious. When it comes to love match astrology, Sagittarians are best matched with fellow fire signs, or alternatively air signs, as they tend to share similar sensibilities. Sagittarius will do best in occupations that allow for a good bit of freedom, and will wilt like a week-old rose in a job that is too restrictive. For those with a Sagittarian child, you have a happy-go-lucky kid who is always on the move, and who from a young age will bounce around the house with a skip in his step and a song on his lips. The best mate for Sagittarius is one who is strong, self-assured, independent, and adventurous, who is willing to give him the space he needs. Their lives will be one big adventure, and their sex life will be rich, adventurous, and fulfilling. The strength in this pairing is that both Sagittarius and Gemini are light-hearted, forgiving signs with fun-loving outlooks on life.

Are sagittarius and cancer compatible

Inventive Aquarius and adventurous Sagittarius share many of the same attributes, which will make their relationship strong and harmonious. Once in school, expect your little Sagittarian to be the class clown, with a lot of admiring little friends. Understanding and accepting that this is just part of the deal will go a long way as far as being able to just ignore this particular trait in your Sagittarius friend. Both Leo and Sagittarius share a great love of adventure, drama, and freedom. Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac and considers every day an opportunity for another adventure. They see both love and life as wonderful sources of amusement and entertainment. Early on, that Sagittarian "mouth faster than brain" trait will show up, and it would behoove parents to watch what they say around him, lest they find him happily spewing family secrets to all the neighbors. Overall, this will be an unstable union in which neither partner can appreciate the personality or outlook of the other. On the one hand, two Sagittarians will definitely have more than their share of fun together. The best matches for Sagittarius for sure are Aries and Leo, but Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius might work for some individuals. Sagittarians retain almost a child-like quality throughout their lives, always remaining optimistic and never fully accepting the seriousness inherent in day-to-day living. Generally speaking, Capricorn will be far too practical and conservative to suit freedom-loving Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a wanderer and a philosopher who will only accept a partner who understands his need for adventure and excitement. They also run the risk of eventually feeling the need to roam in separate directions. It will likely be tough going for Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces, which are the least compatible signs for Sagittarius. Though not considered particularly deep by friends and acquaintances, Sagittarius does think deeply about the big picture, such as why he is here and where he is going, and can often see the end results with almost prophetic accuracy. He is self-confident, positive, enthusiastic, and easy-going, and he is likely way ahead of you as far as the company's big picture is concerned. Be aware that your Sagittarian friend will at some juncture point out your physical or personality flaws in offhand remarks, never realizing the impact of his observations. However, both signs also lack practical traits such as frankness, steadiness, and accountability, which can easily cause problems in any type of relationship. Sagittarius will get along well with co-workers despite his always present blunt tactlessness, and because of his need to know everything, he will be a fountain of information as far as who is doing what at any given moment. Obviously, this degree of child-like naivety coupled with borderline reckless spontaneity can and does cause problems for some Sagittarius individuals, but if things don't turn out well, they will dust themselves off and cheerfully jump to their next adventure without any serious regrets. This will be the source of much pleasure for them, virtually guaranteeing them a harmonious relationship. These two are like oil and water — difficult, if not impossible, to successfully mix. Fortunately, his successes will usually outweigh his failures, and in general you can count on his hunches to pan out profitably. Both Aries and Sagittarius natives are active, fun-loving signs that enjoy a healthy social life and welcome the adventure offered by new challenges. In general, your Sagittarian friend will provide you with a lot of laughs and a lot of adventure, going places you've never been and seeing things you've never seen, while simultaneously providing engaging insight and profound commentary along the way.

Are sagittarius and cancer compatible

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Zodiac Sign Says About Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility

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They also both share in a natural optimism that will carry them far both together and separately.

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