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And if you don't, no one will care how comfortingly orthodox your technology choices were. The pointy-haired boss believes that all programming languages are pretty much equivalent. ITA is an example of this recipe in action. If you look at the world of programming languages from a distance, it looks like Java is the latest thing. After rooting your Smartphone you can also install a custom bootloader and perform a nandroid backup of your device.

Apps for nerds

Catching Up with Math What I mean is that Lisp was first discovered by John McCarthy in , and popular programming languages are only now catching up with the ideas he developed then. An accumulator has to accumulate. But if you control the whole system and have the source code of all the parts, as ITA presumably does, you can use whatever languages you want. And you know what? Loose Warranty You would likely need to purchase a new Android device from the manufacturer of your device will void the warranty after any attempts at rooting. Present-day Fortran is now arguably closer to Lisp than to Fortran I. But if languages are all equivalent, why should the pointy-haired boss's opinion ever change? Search, organize, tag, and add or save your favorite streams for easy access any time you want to rock out Price: It was natural to have this distinction in Fortran I because you could not nest statements. We see this already begining to happen in the Python example, where we are in effect simulating the code that a compiler would generate to implement a lexical variable. Number 6 is starting to appear in the mainstream. Fortran was developed intentionally as a programming language, but what we would now consider a very low-level one. As a rule, the more demanding the application, the more leverage you get from using a powerful language. A larger set of canonical implementations of the accumulator generator benchmark are collected together on their own page. It had only a conditional goto closely based on the underlying machine instruction. Many people have responded to this talk, so I have set up an additional page to deal with the issues they have raised: So here we have two pieces of information that I think are very valuable. If that's what's on the other side of the door, it is no surprise that the pointy-haired boss doesn't want to open it. Power As an illustration of what I mean about the relative power of programming languages, consider the following problem. When a decision causes you to develop software at a fraction of the rate of more aggressive competitors, "best practice" is a misnomer. Lisp and Fortran were the trunks of two separate evolutionary trees, one rooted in math and one rooted in machine architecture. I mean, in , computers were refrigerator-sized behemoths with the processing power of a wristwatch. It is a comfortable idea. There is one other language still surviving from the s, Fortran, and it represents the opposite approach to language design. Whereas if they spent just three months developing something new, it would be five years before you had it too. Steve Russell also wrote the first digital computer game, Spacewar, in

Apps for nerds

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When you talk about code-size ratios, you're implicitly assuming that you can actually write the program in the weaker language. And if you don't, no one will care how comfortingly orthodox your technology choices were.

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